7 Bookkeeping
Mistakes SMB’s Make

And How to fix them

Only Doing Bookkeeping once a year for Taxes

The goal of SMB’s is to take care of their customers and when the customer calls
they need help now. You have a thriving business and are constantly working
very hard. You were able to pay all of the bills last month, so you think you
made a profit.  You check your bank
account every day and if you have money
you are happy, if not then you are scrambling to get more business and in some
worst case scenarios you have to tell your clients their parts are “back
ordered” because you didn’t have the money to order them on time. Even if your business
is doing good and you have plenty of clients and money; your lack of knowing where your business is in regards to your bookkeeping may be keeping it from
becoming great.

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