A Virus Again? "I didn't click on anything"


A Virus Again? "I didn't click on anything"

We hear this quite often yet unfortunately in most cases the user did click on a link to allow the virus to install on their computer. Sometimes they can be quite tricky in persuading you to click on that link, but there are some rules that can help you avoid the dreaded statement.

In your email, if you didn't ask for someone to send you an attachment or send you a link it is most likely a virus. Don't Click on it!  You can always send them another message asking them if they sent you the message with an attachment or a link. Yes it takes a little more time, but better safe than sorry.

You can also hover your mouse over the link and view the actual link as in the picture below.
This is a quick way to see if the link is valid. In most cases I still don't click on links unless it is a very simple link directly to a page and doesn't have allot of jargon in the link.

On Facebook it is very common for people to show a url that has been shortened such as this.


The description could be very appealing and you want to click on the link to find out more, but is it dangerous?

It is better to be save than sorry by using the following website to expand the url to see where it will take you before you click on it.


Thank you for reading our blog, we want to help you avoid those nasty computer viruses. If you have any questions or would like more information please visit our website at https://tinyurl.com/kmrygyo ..... er http://www.hctechnical.com/


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