Backup Software for Your Smartphone

You take your smartphone everywhere, you have all of your contacts on it, you have all of the pictures of your kids / grand kids on it. You may even have personal information on it that you wouldn't want others to get as well as text messages that you wouldn't want to lose.

There are many applications for backing up your computers, that are fairly robust, but what about your smartphone?

I've used Dropbox to upload photos, Google drive to manage my contacts, and some of my documents. I've used ICloud when I had an Iphone to sync contacts, notes, and some of my settings, and I've backed up my phone to Itunes. However we've found a solution that is a complete smartphone backup application that allows you to capture a complete backup for your smartphone and we want to share it with you.

Its called Apowersoft Phone Manager and it is a complete solution for backing up your smartphone to your computer, allowing you to backup your apps, text messages, files, contacts, settings and everything. It has a three day trial, and cost 39.95 per year, but we think that is worth it for the peace of mind of knowing that if something happened to your device you would still be protected.

Apowersoft Phone Manager works by downloading the software on your smartphone and on your pc as well. The backup is saved on your pc so as with anything else you will want to make sure that these files are copied to your cloud storage such as Dropbox, Idrive, Carbonite, or Google Drive to ensure that it is safe in the event of a computer failure.

We invite you to try it out and let us know what you think. You can download it at

If you need help configuring it, please reach out to us at Feel free to leave us a comment on our Facebook page at


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