Out of Memory? My Kid is Already On Stage!

Today is the day, your kids big event, you get them there early with their instrument, and you get a good seat on the left side of the stage so you can see their sweet face while they are playing. The lights go own and the director announces the first song. You pull out your android smart phone, open the camera app and hit record.

Ugh, not again, you frantically start deleting apps, and pictures that you think you have backed up but the first song ended, if we hurry we can get the second song.

So how did we get here? The quickest way to see where you stand on storage is to go to settings and then to storage where you can see where everything is stored.

Here you can quickly manage your apps, and remove apps that you don't use. 

A quick way to free up space in a hurry is to clear the cache of your apps. Some of your apps, like Chrome, Google drive, or Dropbox, that backup your storage use allot of cache that can add up in a hurry. To clear cache go to Settings - Storage - Click on internal storage - Cached Data. It will prompt you to clear your cache.

Another quick way to free up some storage is using Google Photos to delete photos that are already backed up. To do this:
1. Open Google Photos 
2. Tap Menu Menuand thenFree up space

3. You’ll see how many items will be removed. To delete all the items from your phone, tap Remove.

You can read the full instructions here. 

Now that we have you set so you can record the rest of the concert, how can we manage this better in the future?

  • Setup Google Photos, Drop Box, or whatever app you use to backup your photos regularly.
  • Setup a reminder on your calendar every month to archive files manually or use the instructions above and let Google Photos do it for you.
  • Purchase a larger SD card for your Android phone, these are fairly inexpensive.
Follow these simple steps to ensure that you are ready to go with plenty of storage for the next big event!


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